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CHILE – Valparaiso

This is a quick update from Puerto Natales, Chile. I’ve been rushing down here through half of the Carretera Australe. It’s a beautiful journey but unfortunately transports along that route are just too slow for my schedule and I had to cross again to Argentina to speed up the transfer to southern Chile, where I am now.

So, after passing the Bolivia-Chile border we stopped in San Pedro de Atacama. After some chill out, sandboarding and BBQs I started the descent towards Valparaiso with Michele. We stopped briefly first in Bahia Inglesa

and then Santiago before reaching Valparaiso and the long awaited re-union with my old friend and ex work colleague Claudio. He took me for a walk up and down the cerros (hills) where you have innumerable stairs, graffiti and tin-covered colorful houses

We also visited the old prison that was closed about 15 years ago. There used to be up to 3 times the supposed number of inmates, about 1500 and there are plans to refurbish the building to host various workshops but now this is what it looks like:

I’m on my way to Ushuaia in the morning after about 4 border crossing Chile-Argentina to visit among other places, Chiloe’ Island, Bariloche, Glacier Perito Moreno and the National Park Torres del Paine. I hope to be able to upload the images from Buenos Aires in a few days time. Asta pronto!! traduci >>

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