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CUBA – Cienfuegos

This is a modern town compared to colonial Trinidad also know as “la perla do sur” (the pearl of the south).  At about one and a half hours drive there is El Nicho, a series of natural waterfalls and pools in the middle of the wilderness. Stunning! I got there on a shared taxi with Monica, a chica from Mexico I met in Trinidad who is also traveling on her own. We left as it was starting to rain. On the way back we drove past a santeria house party and we decide to go and check. We found a very welcoming atmosphere but we didn’t stay long. Unfortunately we are now too paranoid and disillusioned by past experience with scammers to trust friendly approaches from anyone, even if genuine. traduci >>

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1 comment for “CUBA – Cienfuegos

  1. jane bartram
    October 10, 2009 at 4:23 pm

    Hello Paolo. Have only just this evening started reading your blog. (There’s a lot going on this end). Your pictures are wonderful, especially the portraits. The taxi drivers of Cuba look really cheesed off mind you. They should work in London. I’m off to look at Trinidad now I think.

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