Paolo Messina

PERU – Iquitos

This is going to be a quick update from the airport in Lima as I wait for my flight to Cuzco.

I got a bit stuck in Iquitos cause of some pain in the neck and didn’t manage to see all I wanted to see. It was really hot though and to those who actually believed me when I said I wished to be in cold Europe well, not a chance, i was joking!

Incredible how the city ends, just like this:

Here are some shots I took in some places – including Belén – around town. traduci >>

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1 comment for “PERU – Iquitos

  1. daniela
    October 24, 2009 at 3:08 am

    ciao mess!

    le tue foto sono come sempre SPETTACOLARI!!!
    grtz and big hug

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